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Alliance St. Croix is owned and operated by 4-time Olympian, World Bronze Medalist and Alliance Jiujitsu Black Belt, Brian Olson. Sensei/Coach Brian is known for his leadership, humility, hard work and dedication to the learning and growth of his students. Our vision is to help our students to be best version of themselves both mentally and physically through martial arts. There is no greater reward than seeing a student smiling and having fun, while they grow and develop the abilities that will improve their lives

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Words can’t express the joy we have in our students. Took 1st as a team in the kids/teams division at the St. Croix Grappling games. We are so very proud of each student that stepped on the mat to put it out there. It is not an easy thingy to do and every single students represented themselves, their families and our academy at the highest level. We will continue to learn and grow as a team. Special thanks to all the parents and to Coach Tyler for running around crazy with me. CONGRATS EVERYONE! ...

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Warm ups have change a bit from my days! ...

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CRRRAAAZZZYYY night on the mats. 30+ in our 🦅 class and 14 in our tiny eagles. So much energy and fun. This is the place to be especially this summer. We help to keep our students on a a constant path and to continue to grow! Get them on the mats, it will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make! ...

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Reminder 10am Memorial to Day roll-a thon. Remembering and honoring all who paid the ultimate price so that we can live the life that we do! ...

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CONGRATS TO MADELINE! Madeline has graduated from tiny eagles to our eagle class. I saw her watching the eagles and I asked her “Are you ready for that class”. She replied “YES” so I sent her over and they started sparring and the next thing I know she is going after it. A 💪 LITTLE MISS RIGHT THERE! Amazing what our Eagles will accomplish ...

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Saturday morning ALL LEVELS TRAINING is going strong! Only way to get better is putting in the time on the mat. Everyone will get taken down, passed, swept and submitted. It is a vital part of the learning process. If you want to improve at anything, then don’t be afraid to get in and possible fail. It is where we find ourselves and improve ...

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Super proud of our eagles. Committing to getting better by putting in the work on a Saturday morning. It’s all about consistency, committing to a solid routine that will yield amazing results! Keep up soaring 🦅 ...

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Saturday mornings are always fun for our Eagles. Starting the day off right by getting that work done and then going to enjoy the weekend. Consistency and keeping a routine for our eagles helps them to continue to soar! ...

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Mornings are the place to be. No reason that you can’t train and still enjoy the summer. Get in and get it done! Remember consistency is key ...

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Happy Mother’s Day to all our Alliance moms. Thank you for being so AMAZING! We hope that you have the absolute best day. ...

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Wednesday night No Gi getting after it! A lot is Mr sweat and smiles, nothing better ...

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Another Greta Monday night of fundamentals!. Love the mats being packed with people learning and growing. Great job everyone! ...

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25 people in No Gi Class last night. Had one of our students come up to me and say “Man everyone has gotten so tough and I love it ! This is my jam” hats on to Coach Tyler for taking on this class and putting I. The work! This is still a very young group at its core but it so amazing to see the growth. ...

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It’s hard to talk about our Judo and BJJ instructors without sounding like we’re bragging. The plain fact of the matter is that we have one of the best teams of martial arts instructors you will find anywhere. Led by 4X Judo Olympian Brian Olson, our instructors are talented, accomplished, passionate and the kind of people you just enjoy hanging out with, because after all, although we take what we do very seriously, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is supposed to be fun.

Brian Olson
Head Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt
Judo 4th Degree Black Belt

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Chris Dachel
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt

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Jason Swartz
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt

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Andy Strub
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Brown Belt

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Kyle Norman
Little Eagles Coach

Alliance BJJ Purple Belt

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Not only is Brian a world-class 4x Olympic athlete, he’s also a fantastic teacher. – Alex A