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Alliance St. Croix is owned and operated by 4-time Olympian, World Bronze Medalist and Alliance Jiujitsu Black Belt, Brian Olson. Sensei/Coach Brian is known for his leadership, humility, hard work and dedication to the learning and growth of his students. Our vision is to help our students to be best version of themselves both mentally and physically through martial arts. There is no greater reward than seeing a student smiling and having fun, while they grow and develop the abilities that will improve their lives

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Putting the new spring floor to the test. I think they approve @fujimatco ...

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Could not be this far in the process with out our @fujimatco , @judosilencer and all of our amazing students that have come over this weekend to help. Truly amazed and humbled at our community and culture of our academy. One day to go! ...

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First day was a huge success! We will be ready to put the mats back down tomorrow! If you have time come on over and help out the mats down. Going to be AMAZING when it is completed! @fujimatco ...

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Thank you so much to everyone for helping us to get the facility ready for the upgrades. Academy update 5.0 starts today. Remember we can use all the help you can provide. Even if it is moral support. Come be a part of the process! @fujibjj ...

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How do you know what your culture is in you academy and the community that it has become. This is a one of those moments that shows what an amazing community we have and the culture that is a result. We start our renovation/update today and so we had classes until 6:30pm. The mats were PACKED AND IT WAS A NOSTALGIC MOMENT! We had to completely t at down the mats and wall pads and move them out to make room for our new spring sub-floor. This was about 185 mats that are awkward and heavy. Our entire community stayed to help and we were completely gone in an hour. I can’t say how emotional satisfying it is to see something like this. A community that has been built and coming together to do so much. We are so thankful for you all and just wait until the product is finished. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR ENTRUSTING US WITH YOUR JOURNEY! ...

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The renovation begins! Don’t forget our schedule and we will need all the help we can get whether it’s 30 minutes or as much time as you can spare. These upgrades will take our Academy to an entirely new level, so come be a part. REMINDER

Thursday- normal classes through 6:30pm , striking is at 5:30pm tonight. Classes will end promptly at 6:30pm and we ask if everyone can stay and help as we will pick up all the mats and wall pad. The more hands we have the faster it will go. If you are coming to help specifically for the removal of the mats then we will begin right at 6:30pm

Friday- start time 8am- we will be there all day
Saturday start time - 9am and we will be there all day
Sunday- Start time-9am and we will be there all day

If you have questions please reach out to me directly

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Eagles get ready! Time to improve your strength! ...

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Wednesday night FUNdamentals getting after passing and guard retention! ...

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No Gi and Teens classes are popping! ...

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Wednesday night NO GI Class is on 🔥. Happy Bday to @luke_baumann8. He was asked by his wife what he wanted to do for his Bday and he said to go to class and train. GREAT BDAY GIFT RIGHT THERE! ...

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It’s hard to talk about our Judo and BJJ instructors without sounding like we’re bragging. The plain fact of the matter is that we have one of the best teams of martial arts instructors you will find anywhere. Led by 4X Judo Olympian Brian Olson, our instructors are talented, accomplished, passionate and the kind of people you just enjoy hanging out with, because after all, although we take what we do very seriously, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is supposed to be fun.

Brian Olson
Head Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt
Judo 4th Degree Black Belt

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Chris Dachel
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt

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Jason Swartz
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt

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Andy Strub
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Brown Belt

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Kyle Norman
Little Eagles Coach

Alliance BJJ Purple Belt

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Not only is Brian a world-class 4x Olympic athlete, he’s also a fantastic teacher. – Alex A