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Alliance St. Croix is owned and operated by 4-time Olympian, World Bronze Medalist and Alliance Jiujitsu Black Belt, Brian Olson. Sensei/Coach Brian is known for his leadership, humility, hard work and dedication to the learning and growth of his students. Our vision is to help our students to be best version of themselves both mentally and physically through martial arts. There is no greater reward than seeing a student smiling and having fun, while they grow and develop the abilities that will improve their lives

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Class Schedule

Our adult intermediate classes are growing. Everyone is leveling up and growing. Amazing to see the journeys happening! ...

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Wednesday night No Gi class getting after it with Coach Tyler. Great Job everyone! ...

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FUNdamentals are essential at all stages. Never slack on them or it will show up later. Thursday night Fundamentals getting after that positioning! ...

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Our law enforcement training class iOS here to help all law enforcement/corrections officers to be prepared and handle to pressures of hands on. Take Ego out of it and take the necessary steps to be properly prepared and trained ...

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These Eagles are getting after it! Building the confidence, self -esteem and and learning how to problem solve and work through hard tough positions. Preparing these Eagles to crush their goals in life. STRONGER MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY! ...

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Saturday Adult Open Training getting after it ...

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@jiujitsufive_o and Alliance St. Croix law Enforcement training class getting after it. If you don’t train it then you lose it, but if you never train then you are not prepared. Remember this Class is ***FREE*** and you get to stay for the next class right after it for ***FREE*** as well. Your lives are too valuable be prepared for everything! ...

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Please help me welcome our newest staff member. Bryce Olson. Bryce has decided to learn the business and will be helping a bit during the week. First day of cleaning here we go! ...

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I am not done yet! Please help me congratulate Logan and Hannah Schmidt on welcoming their son Micah. Absolutely adorable ...

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Still playing catch up, but we also want to give a Huge CONGRATS to Brian and Emily Braziel on welcoming their daughter Nora. She is beautiful!! ...

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It’s hard to talk about our Judo and BJJ instructors without sounding like we’re bragging. The plain fact of the matter is that we have one of the best teams of martial arts instructors you will find anywhere. Led by 4X Judo Olympian Brian Olson, our instructors are talented, accomplished, passionate and the kind of people you just enjoy hanging out with, because after all, although we take what we do very seriously, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is supposed to be fun.

Brian Olson
Head Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt
Judo 4th Degree Black Belt

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Chris Dachel
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt

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Jason Swartz
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Black Belt

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Andy Strub
Assistant Coach

Alliance BJJ Brown Belt

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Kyle Norman
Little Eagles Coach

Alliance BJJ Purple Belt

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Not only is Brian a world-class 4x Olympic athlete, he’s also a fantastic teacher. – Alex A